Views developed in response to the Local Area Plan 2016-2022


Open Gorey Committee Meeting 25/01/2016 Views developed in response to the New Local Area Plan for Gorey Town and Environs 2016-2022, Public Consultation Evening, 19th January 2016, Civic Offices, Gorey Town.

To be submitted by 4pm, Tuesday 2nd Feb. 2016.


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To build upon its policy listed as number 4 under Green Infrastructure/Community Facilities Policies which states ‘Promote the continued development of the arts and cultural diversity in Gorey and to facilitate infrastructural improvements that assist in the development of the arts and culture’.

We propose that this should be facilitated within the new LAP 2016-2022 by including the development of Gorey’s Arts and Cultural Landscape as part of its ‘Core Strategy’ and by explicitly setting forth its Arts and Cultural Policies and Objectives alongside the existing Policies and Objectives listed under Section 5 for Development Management Policies & Objectives for;


· Population and Zoned Land

· Existing and Future Housing

· Traveller Accommodation

· Retail and Commercial

· Employment and Economic Activity

· Education

· Childcare

· Amenity, Recreation and Open Space

· Tourism

· Town Centre

· Movement and Access

· Public Transport and Pedestrian Accessibility

· Car Parking

· Water Treatment and Water Supply

· Flooding/Climatic Factors



In developing the above we propose that both the following, more recent documents should be consulted; Gorey Public Realm Plan ‘Spaces and Places’ and ‘Creative Wexford’ Review, as well as the continuing Cultural Mapping initiative being conducted by Open Gorey Cultural Research & Development Group.

· Gorey Public Realm Plan ‘Spaces and Places’ should be consulted taking particular note of the role of Professional Artists and Arts practitioners in developing a sense of ‘place’ and the widespread community benefits this can bring.

· ‘Creative Wexford’ Review should be consulted taking note of Gorey’s strengths in the fields of Contemporary Art and New Media as well as the communities’ wishes for the development of both a dedicated Arts/Cultural centre and professional working environments for arts practitioners.

· Gorey’s Cultural Map should be consulted regularly as it is a live, participatory community map being developed by the community of Gorey making visible ‘Clubs & Groups’, ‘Festivals & Events’, ‘Spaces & Places’, ‘Vacant/Underutilised Places’ and ‘Heritage’.


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That a paid position be opened up and made available for a local professional artist to join and contribute to the multi-disciplinary team (of planners/policy makers, geographers, architects, urban designers and engineers) during the research, development and implementation stages of the upcoming and all future draft and final Local Area Plans (LAP) for Gorey.